Who is Barbara

A question that has kept me pretty busy for a great number of years, and to be honest it still does. 26, clinical psychologist, doing advanced studies in Amsterdam.

A woman, and sometimes a walking talking example of internal oppositional forces. That is why I’m so great full I found the Sedona Method. Not as a miracle cure but a practical way of letting be what is, and an ability to  let go of the struggle and drama life troughs at us.

My father has a John Lennon CD (and I have an MP3 :-)) where the guy lyrics are so powerful. “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I  just love to see them roll.. And I just have to let it go.


2 Responses to “Who is Barbara”

  1. Yes I do love that song, and wish I was as wise as Lennon. The words and the music are exactly what I think letting go is all about…

    Thans again,


  2. Still at your blog… remember when we first felt the identification with John and knew what he was singing about???

    Just watch them roll girly…:-)


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