Again Attachments and Aversions

The only thing that can really hold me back, the only real root cause of all my “misery” are my Attachments and Aversions to people, places and things. Having it my way, the constant need to change what is, impatience, the list goes on and the result of my attachment or aversion toward an outcome.

I can only feel resistance when I’m attached or repulsed by possible outcomes. The fact that I place more value on watching TV than doing my bills or cleaning out a drawer is an example of this process in motion. The resistance and/or guild it creates makes the TV show less enjoyable, my bookkeeping less effective… and the drawer.. well its better not to mention 🙂

Letting go on the two A’s is something you can practice in almost any situation because our lives often seem to revolve around it.  Another great method is to work on goals. This seems like a paradox, but when you dig deeper it really isn’t.  Hmmmm more on that later this week….

love Barb



~ by barb2082 on January 5, 2011.

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