Are we Responsible for Anything Happening to Us?

Responsibility, once again a word with such an emotional charge.  Are we responsible for anything that happens is our lives? Are we responsible for anything we see happening in the world, regardless if it has a direct impact on us or not?

I guess we are, it’s our mind reacting to it and we can’t react to anything that isn’t there. Without attachments or aversions in the state of acceptance or peace our world view is (just guessing :-)) completely different from what we have now.  One thing though, we often mistake responsibility with being to blame and these two are unrelated.  By now some of you might be angry, think I’ve really gone bunkers, perhaps even frightened. But in fact it’s good news!!!

Carl Jung once said: “when anything seems wrong in the world, it must be wrong in me. Therefore the wise approach is to start with working on the self”.

It seems completely counter intietive to start “releasing”, letting go or otherwise working on the self when for example creditors are knocking on your door. Many would call it escapism, and yes their is a thin line there. But when we allow ourselves a rational analysis of this statement, it’s pretty logic.

Why did we get in a mess, while others in the same or even worse situation come out victorious. Luck?? Perhaps sometimes, but I think most of us agree that the real material success stories have more to do with personality traits then with pure “luck”. Some problems we faced years ago are still with us, others now seem like a joke.

I like to believe I’m responsible for anything, good and bad. When I get emotionally upset it’s a clue to for something to work on. Strange, the world I live in can only exist when I allow it to have meaning 🙂


~ by barb2082 on October 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Are we Responsible for Anything Happening to Us?”

  1. this (the quote by carl jung) seems like a violent egoic response lacking in courage acceptance and peace, aimed at the self rather than the so called outer world. surrender is allowing the isness of your own personality traits, body, programming, history ect… and then only then, your are at peace and it may or may not change. but either way, you are at peace.

    • Hi Marya, To me it sounds courageous, instead of putting the blame on someone or something else first have a look at yourself. To me that’s not egoic but an even humble stance..

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