Feelings Only Lie

Reading back the posts I made on this blog it’s fun to notice how I’m moving ahead.. Well moving anyway 🙂 As added advantage to a normal diary is that is not a complete “one way street”. With a blog you get feedback, and that’s great! Getting feedback helps you to get a much clearer picture about an issue or thought.  Over focusing on anything, is in fact the same as holding on to it. Allowing your head to keep repeating thought’s, feelings, insights or whatever means allowing it it’s favorite pastime “figuring it out”.

Wanting to figure things out is so deeply ingrained in me that it almost is like dying when I try to let go of that want. It feels like the one thing that stands between my relative comfortable middle class girls life and total and utter ruin!.  How irritating paradoxical can it get, it’s the figuring it out, being in control part that is behind most “disasters” I’ve ever had.

Well Feelings only Lie, they tell you that what you are going to get from letting them go is in fact what you allready got from holding on to them.  Cheers Hale 🙂


~ by barb2082 on October 1, 2009.

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