Personal Experiences with the Sedona Method

As you know the Sedona Method is the most profound life changer that I know. No other school of though has impacted my outlook on life the way this so very simple method has. And no other way of thinking and working with my feelings has ever provoked so much resistance in my. The number of times that I knew intellectually what to do, (let go) but just couldn’t aren’t to be counted.

The fact of the matter is not that the processes of letting your feelings go instead of expressing or suppressing them is difficult, not at all its easy.  You get the hang of it in a week or two and it works miracles.  From my personal experience I say that this is an easy program for complicated people (gosh where did I hear that one before).

What keeps me running around in circles in the resistance, the unwillingness to let go. Resistance!!. When you actually do let go of long treasured beliefs, it has a tendency to fight back. For example my belief of not being good or deserving enough was a big hold back all my life. Letting go of it was easy, still a feeling has a tendency to want survival. I know it may sound weird but in my experience energies in the mind do put up a fight for their survival. So you start to get tricked in feelings that work on other unresolved fears. In my case they took shape as half conscious fantasies about social disasters around the corner.

And there comes the paradox, letting go is easy, and when you do a whole series of behaviors and emotions become “jobless” and move on. Others partly related are more persistent and need some work, but also produce a heavy load of resistance.  They make you wonder if this whole releasing thing is making sense at all. In the fliers you find glamor and riches around the corner, but to me it was often like trading one piece of garbage for another.

So you could say that I struggled and put up a great fight… The fact is that releasing to get rid of something isn’t the best way to approach things. Lester talked a lot about Attachments and Aversions and how we need to become free of this trap. There is the paradox the difficulty for the “thinking” intellectuals like me. The whole thing just doesn’t seem to add up.

Letting Go of Good and Bad

You can let go, it’s so easy, but I found that in my case letting go to get rid off doesn’t work to well. The real releasing of my burdened mind started when I was able to accept me, my circumstances, perceived goods and bad’s as okay, as something that is perfect and couldn’t have been different. There was the point this whole exercise started to make sense, where I could see and not be told how easy it all is and that my resistance, shame fear and guilt are only little ripples on my consciousness.

Life becomes much easier then and things start to move in ways you wouldn’t have thought of before. Monica’s experiences are much like what I’ve gone through. Wanting to control outcomes, uneasiness about trusting the flow of life and the idea things need to be a certain way in order to be happy. The image of being on a raft on the stream of life with to choices, to struggle against an overpowering current or to enjoy the surroundings while floating along.

The end result in both scenarios is the same; the journey seems to end when we reach the sea. But when you put up an heroic fight you end up exhausted and bitter. Just being on the raft on the other hand conserves energy and because you don’t spend all you brain power on figuring out what can’t be figured out you start to notice opportunities, wonderful things and the perfectness of it all.


~ by barb2082 on June 14, 2009.

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