Back To Basics with Larry Crane

Back to basics, I wouldn’t have thought it possible but Larry Crane’s abundance course is helping me to progress at this  pace. For the first tine the question “can it become even better” holds ground. It’s such a wonderful to experience whole layers of AGFLAP dropping away.

I guess that Larry’s down to earth way of teaching was just what I needed to proceed on course. His approach is really healthy for someone with a mind like mine. My brain pick’s up anything to divert into fruitless mind games.  Really an escape prone bundle of coping mechanisms it is… Then switching on the CD  to hear:

“Put the magical tube into the energy, disengage your head and allow the energy to pass through. It’s not good, not bad it’s just energy passing through. “

Put’s me right back on track and on my feet. This new dimension is helping me to dissolve stucknesses that I avoided, didn’t see or ignored at a lighting speed.

Yet it’s also part of my reality that without Hale’s way of teaching I wouldn’t have come to the place where Larry’s words found such a fertile ground. This is really something, with Hale I can venture in new uncharted territory while a guy like Larry pulls me back down to earth again. They are not only complimentary for me but an example of 1 + 1 = 3 or more..

Talking to a friend about my experiences we couldn’t help but grinning. Could it be so that Lester knew this? Can it be so that he envisioned the way these guys help to develop multiple dimensions of what he found?  🙂


~ by barb2082 on January 29, 2009.

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