Larry Crane’s Abundance Course

The last few weeks I’ve been working with Larry Cranes “Abundance Course”, and wow it was a pleasant surprise. Apparently there was/is still lot of pride and judgment  left in me. I have been avoiding his course for years. There was no basis for the distorted image I had of  this man, but I had a hidden but nevertheless strong aversion to him.

It’s really interesting to see how pride can keep us stuck, but let’s continue with the Abundance Course. I got the course from a friend, but my dislike to it was rather obvious in hindsight. It took me two weeks to find the time to listen to the first CD. But then he got me 🙂

His down to earth, no nonsense New York like way of guiding you through the program is great. No fluff, no small talk right down to the basics. That was a very healthy experience for me, I do have a tendency to escape into “Blissful Complication”. The abundance course is build around a very clear goal. The goal of releasing all the negative emotions that keep us from doing what we like to be doing. Even when you cut out all the metaphysics, his course still has a strong backbone.

Thank you all for being what you are and when you are, it seems like an almost frightening beautiful gift.

I love the way Hale teaches, but I found it always so different from Lester’s way of working. On Lester’s tapes you often hear a form of confrontation. I have never known the man but it feels like he was more confronting than Hale.  Larry also has this “hard ball” like character.

Crane reminded me of an army sergeant I knew in a twelve step program
. At first glance I thought of my friend as a non feeling, loud, inflexible type only interested in Beer and what I had beneath my shirt. But when I looked more closely I came to really adore that man. His way of being always brought us back to the basic problem we were there for. I have rarely seen anyone who was more devoted to the attitude of service than he was, and watching him with his protégées was is a chapter of it’s own.

The defeat, paranoia and despair alcohol had brought him forced him to work through the spiritual principles of AA
. His looks didn’t change, but he did. He turned into someone who was honestly caring and trying to convey the message. Not because of his own glory but because what he found felt so good and he just had to share it.

I have never seen or talked to Larry Crane, and what I said is purely based on my interpretation of both man so whoever thinks different… please do. For me I like both man for their honest which to share what has been given to them. Both my friend and Larry seem to know that they can’t hold on to what they have unless they give it away.

For me these guys have the added advantage that they grab my feet and put me right back to where I belong…… and what I should work at.

So yes Larry Crane and his Abundance Course are a great experience, I came out lighter, more peaceful and wanting Freedom more than ever.

Really the pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place. My army sergeant, Hale Dwoskin , Larry Crane and many, many others are flowing into my life when I need them.  More often than not it makes me want to kick and scream, but  it looks as if the Power that knows the way actually does know the way….

Thank you so much guy and girls for being where you are.. I love you all



~ by barb2082 on January 15, 2009.

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