How I got to know Barb and the Sedona Method

Barbara has invited me to become a “contributor” of her blog about Living life the Sedona way. Thanks barb! Also a big thank you that you introduced me to the releasing way of handling emotional luggage.

Back in 2006 we were working together as clinical psychogists in “training” in one of the larger general hospitals in my native country the Netherlands. Barbara drifted in from the US, and from our first meeting onward we have been close. Don’t know why, she is a rebel, when she told me about her time in college it was about… Sorry Barb, but really “sex, drugs and rock and roll”. It’s not up to me to dig deeper, but the contrast of your past and the woman you where now was increadible.

I’m an average middle class girl who allways did as daddies like their daughters to act. High school, college, work, boyfriend. Nothing wrong with that, but the contrast was big. Barbara does have something with people. An advantage in our line of business 🙂 To me she seemed so “real” or coming from a place where didn’t have to pretend. During our staff meetings she was able to discuss issues “nice people” like most of us would not dare to discuss with senior staff.
Allthough we have several diciplines within our staff, the most sensitive issue is allways the way we need to afirm our clients feelings. Barbara started mentioning things about feelings being just clouds in the sky, or worse “feelings only lie”. Luckely she didn’t talk about all the metaphysical stuff we discussed during long evenings. But when during a lager staff meeting mentioned having BDSM feelings, that she could acknowledge them but did not act on them or surpressed them this was so obviously true she did not only get away with it. Most of us and some seniors were intriqued. 
Compared to American standards I believe we are pretty open minded, but what she did was crossing a line that you just not cross. The fact that she did and got not only away with it was that she was…still don’t know how to really put it.. well she accepted it. This may sound weird, but the way she could accept and not place too much importance on the issue, and most of all didn’t need to defend it
This attitude was something I longed for, allthough I didn’t know it was not about attitude at all. Anyway to
wrap up, she told me about releasing, letting go and the lot. This started a new chapter in my life. And that it will be here as well.

~ by monicajens on November 26, 2008.

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