The gentle acceptance of our own feelings

Today driving to work, releasing on the day ahead I asked myself the usual question: “What’s here NOW”?

It then dawned on me that the method allows me to feel whatever it is I feel. No judement, no moral outrage just an acceptance of whatever you mind-body is bringing up at the moment. The idea that all my feelings are acceptable and just passing clouds on my awareness has changed.

I really can accept what I feel now. It’s been a long time since I really had to put a lit on my thoughts or feelings.. There is no need to express or surpress. What a gift. Feelings no matter how intens dissolve and loose their grip as soon as you become aware and acknowledge them.

The times that Hale asked “can you give yourself some approval” and everything inside me screamed NO!!! changed into an almost loving compasion for all the stupid things this body mind does..

Have a nice day out there….. we are all one…..:-)


~ by barb2082 on November 18, 2008.

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