Resistance and Holistic Releasing – Experience from a Stubborn Girl

The biggest hold back  I know is called resistance.  This strange mechanism of resistance and contra resistance is a major roadblock in being and doing what you really like.

Accelerating and Braking at the same time

Most of us know the resemblance Hale uses of the guys pushing both the accelerator and the brake pedals. When resistance is operating part of you want to move forward and part of you wants to go back. Push/Pull. Every car mechanic will agree that your car won’t operate very efficient when you are use the accelerator and brake at the same time. Besides getting nowhere, it also causes the machine to eventually breakdown.

Energy Waster no1 Resistance

It’s the same with us. Talking from my own experience I do believe that I am an expert in the field of resistance. The variety of should’s of must do’s we place upon ourselves are often conflicting. As a result I can’t be fully present with the task at hand because I need a lot of energy to keep my mind under control because it’s nagging about another task that is waiting. This constant nagging is a tremendous production killer. You can’t focus on one task because your mind tells you that you need to….. Fill in the blanks.

The Sedona Method comes to the rescue with an arsenal of techniques to relieve this terrible waste of energy. First of all there is off course step 5 of the method,’

Do what you do when you are doing it and don’t do what you are not doing when you are not doing it”

A great reminder but in itself not enough to keep this control freak out of her own way. Lately the issue came up big time, my blog posts suffered, and my work, those around me but mostly Barbara herself. God is it frustrating to get nothing done, boy does it hurt to have to do this, that and more and get nowhere. Intellectual understanding of what is going on gets you nowhere. Sub or semi conscious processes are just too powerful for my conscious mind.

Holistic Releasing

Holistic releasing was never my favorite. Boring and annoying. Yep resistance… I know. And funny how things go, Lester always reminded us to look for the perfection hidden in the seeming imperfect reality. I guess a piece of the perfection is that this stockiness drove me into the arms of holistic releasing. You know, if all else fails we take desperate measures 🙂

And wow. Good golly miss Molly it worked. I know that it says something about my need for to control that it took me more than 5 years to get open enough to try it; to really give it a change, but perfect as all is it happened.

And now I worked it myself it seems so very obvious. I read about it, did exercises but didn’t hear. Now I did give it a fair change I see the magic. When you resist something, like cleaning up your house, you are also resisting the opposite not doing it. Bring the two opposites together and they dissolve. Simple, but I was too complicated to get this simplicity.

Try it…. You’ll like it

Please give it a try. When you notice that you are putting things of, losing interest, being uncomfortable in doing what needs to be done. Ask yourself.

Can I welcome and embrace this feeling of resistance toward…. (Fill in the blanks)? As much as I do
Can I welcome and embrace the feeling of resisting not doing…. as much as I do?

I’m not a textbook releaser, and I sometimes put the other releasing questions like

Can I welcome all pictures sounds and feelings associated to this issue?
Do I want to change it?
Is this resistance coming from a want for Approval, Security, Control or Oneness?

But boy this was magic, only a few sessions made me move ahead like a just ignited booster rocket.  The Sedona Method has given me an enormous amount of freedom, and this experience added a real feeling like “flowing”. Now I see what Lester and Hale mean by effortless… Gosh I might even try some other suggestions 🙂


~ by barb2082 on September 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Resistance and Holistic Releasing – Experience from a Stubborn Girl”

  1. I’m an experienced practitioner in Sedona Method but new to Holistic Releasing. What does “AS I DO” really mean in those polarity questions? Kindly give me all the possible meanings and implications as English is not my mother tongue.

    • Hi Jani,

      With the “as I do” you allow yourself to feel the resistance as much as you do. Often people on our path “know” that resistance is “bad” and resist it. This can be a fairly hidden feeling. When you release a on a feeling or resistance you it’s best to be fully aware of it, so with the As much as I do you allow yourself to consciously to feel the unwanted feeling and acknowledge it. Then you can let it go… Releasing is in fact a program of rigorous (but loving and forgiving) honesty toward ourselves, it’s only natural have issues you think you shouldn’t have. Look at as much as I do as your insurance against self deception 🙂

  2. Thank you for this useful post. I just picked up The Sedona book by Hale Dwoskin and really loving the techniques.

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