Feelings only lie ….

Most of you will recognize the words, feelings only lie, they tell that what you are going to get from letting go of them is what you already have from holding on to them.

This one is really going deep, your mind doesn’t like it when you let go of a perceived problem, so it will tell you how dangerous it will be. When you’re broke the mind fixates around the problem, we look at it from all of its frightening perspectives. We are even preparing for it to get worse.

Now little conscious Barbara comes along and joins this discussion, she welcomes the whole emotional bunch in welcomes them and lets go. Wow…. now we are getting into dangerous territory. We believe, well at least I did and often still find myself believing that the worrying, the constantly repeating disaster and doom has a function. The feeling that if we let our worries go we will be broke in no time.

So by letting go of my worry or fear I will get something that I already have… that is I am already broke. And is worry going to help. No, but my mind won’t give up yet. I will not be motivated to do what I need to do. Again here is some discrepancy, if the advise my mind is giving me is so wonderful. Why am I in this shit anyway??

It’s the same feeling as we ventilate in the twelve step programs, “My best thinking got me here”.. When we were using boy did we want it to change, and how much and how hard didn’t we try.. To no avail what so ever. The want to change, is in fact holding the structure of any habit, addiction or whatever you call it in place.

It’s funny that when you want to change something you need to hold that what you don’t want in mind. If not you would not give a hoot, or be hootless about it. And that is the most powerful place to create…

Paradox.. hmmm wanting to figure it out?? 🙂

in a second.


~ by barb2082 on August 29, 2008.

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