Abundance and Flow – Letting go

Abundance, money, financial worries have a great impact on a lot of us. When the moment we know our payments are due, we feel fear rolling coming up like a heavy fog rolling down from the mountain. It covers us and is present in most anything we do. It’s a tunnel vision, where we can only see the problem, and are in a desperate fight to get out and survive.

Even some of our logic will tell us that coming from a place of fear and seemingly impossibilities is the most ineffective state of mind to find a solution. When we focus on doom and gloom there just isn’t much room for grabbing opportunities and being creative.

Some areas of our life roll along without much interference from our part. They just are. The area’s where we have a lot of attachments and aversions are the ones where difficulty often sets in. In the example of our finances it’s the fear of not being able to solve the problem that keeps us stuck. Finances are only an example it applies to anything we are deeply attached to .

This is like a circle, we can’t be all we can be because we exhaust ourselves with worry, so we can’t be open to a solution and therefore we find ourselves in the problem again.

When you believe in the law of attraction this means being in a hell of a predicament. Negative thinking is attracting more of woes we are told, so think positive is the message of the Secret. Envision your goal.

A nasty little problem arises, we are not as much in control of our minds as we sometimes like to think.

Try this:

Do you Know what your Next thought is going to be…

If you can, please let me know 🙂

There is a big change that when I ask you not to think of a red car that is what you mind will focus on. Asking yourself not to think negatively is a surefire way to see and strengthen the negativity.

In my experience there is only one way that actually works, we need to welcome the negative feelings. Pushing them away only strengthen their power. By welcoming them into our awareness, and acknowledging their existence they gradually or suddenly lose their power.

When we fully accept what we believe is the truth anyway, at that point we are free of them. This is perhaps contrary to our beliefs, or we find it frightening to allow all these dark creepy feelings in our consciousness but can they hurt you?

Can you hurt yourself more by suppressing and strengthening the power of an emotion or by allowing them to be what they are. An emotion?

When I feel fear coming up it roars in my stomach, gets a grip on a point near the top of my lungs, and makes me want to run, hide, take a pill our just get it over with. It is my experience that when I let those feelings be present. All of them, they show there true nature. A sensation I have labeled as “DANGER”.

Fun part is that when I go skydiving there is the same feeling, and then I call it a rush and love it!

When I let feelings come, their is no sudden flash of light no magic, but first of all I get a glimpse of the fact that they are just feelings and then they gradually lose power and fade away.

This frees up energy to actually do what you need to be doing, and when you do believe in the Secret, you can really envision sunny pictures.

No matter where you want to go, the chance of getting there will be a whole lot greater when fear and resistance are not standing in the way.

Love Barb


~ by barb2082 on August 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Abundance and Flow – Letting go”

  1. Thank you for your reflections, Barbara.
    Keep going.


  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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