Resistance again – How Persistent Can We be in Hurting Ourselves

Everyone who is involved in the Sedona Method knows about Resistance. Resistance to what is or isn’t, we resist the way we feel, look, how others behave. Actually, I don’t believe there are many things that I do not resist 🙂 Because I practice living a life where I release on feelings of resistance doesn’t mean that I’m cured… No way, I’m really a hard nut to crack…

But (Yes Hale thats where I sit on :-)), the difference between the mind body Barbara before she got to releasing and now is so gigantic, it’s literally day and night. The feeling of resistance, is the deep very powerful urge to control what you can’t control. This feeling is so deep and painful that we often just have to escape.

Resistance comes when you feel pushed around by the real or perceived demand of other people and most demands or SHOULD’s you place on yourself. When you have to do something, there is an opposing force operating that says or implies ” Oh Yes… well I’ll show you… We hate to be bossed around. And the force we create within ourselves is resistance.

Through our lifelong experience of being told what to do we have woven a very complex web of each other opposing forces. We want to move ahead, we know we can be successful, yet it doesn’t come into being because we oppose it as well. We know we don’t need that piece of chocolate, we know we SHOULD not eat it so we eat two bars at once. And to prove to ourselves that we are miserable failures we eat two more. That is not an effective diet strategy.

Our mind tells us that we need a feeling of urgency, force and set hard targets. This is so deep ingrained that it can be frightening to release. I have heard the question where will I end up if I let that go. My motivation will be gone. There is nothign that would force me out of bed in the morning.

I started by saying that I myself am a hard cookie, resistance is running rampant but since I notice it, have it come up and let it go life gets so much friendlier. You tend to automatically start doing the things that need to be done.

A simple pieve of guidance, that I love is asking myself when I wake up if there are things that I expect to happen today that I resist, of try to push away. (Like getting groceries :-)) and release on it. After that I ask if their are things that I want to have happen, the things you want to pull close. The ones you are lusting after and release on them as well.

During the day you keep an open eye and let go on both sides as they come up.

One closing remark, when we resist we resist resisting and that we resist… and so on. This gets a very strong and perfected structure. Some people can blow the foundation away and have it over with, and for others it’s a longer process. And that is of no importance, things will shift, don’t force and be gentle.

The thing about the method as taught through Sedona is it’s gentleness. No condemnation, just acceptance. And acceptance or love only mean you don’t have to fight. There is no need to agree, or pulled into it. Do you thing, you are alright. I’m shall not open the snake pit of the 5th way now, but it is so true…All is perfect as it is. So are you.

Marianne Williamson once put it so nicely by saying that “we all do the best we can with the knowledge we have at the time”

At the time it was a truth that helped me to feel such a compassion for my own and others stupidities that a day long I sat there on the sofa and cried so relieved as I was..

All is well, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.. and not even that needs to be feared.

Sleep well, I love you all .. really



~ by barb2082 on August 23, 2008.

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