Resisting and Wanting

Do you recognize the feeling, you wake up with feeling of apprehension and discomfort about the day to come. That is if you got some sleep anyway.  You see the day ahead of you as a stream of things you don’t like or where you are afraid of.

To cope and following our quest to keep a happy face we push these nasty unwanted emotions away. We try to bury them and pretend that they don’t exist. Our mind helpful as ever when it comes to reminding us of the negative will try to pull up these dark feelings again and again.

The net result of repressing our feelings is that we keep them in the focus of our attention, while the whole idea was the to be free of them.

At the other side we have a tendency to think about and wish for a bright future. We like to vision the wonderfull travels, meetings with interesting people we are going to have somewhere in the future.

You can think that this is a good thing, isn’t the law of attraction about envisioning the life you like to live. But what is actually happening?

The question remains however, Why are we looking for this bright heavenly future? Usually this is because we hate certain parts of our existence and want to change them.  Now there is nothing bad about striving for improvement, what I’m trying to get at is that our socalled positive envisioning is coming from a place of lack.

And again we put lack in the present and abundance in the future. One thing I can assure you is that that future will never come. Tomorrow there is a new future, so is next week, next year and so on. It the story of the English pub with the sign “free beer tomorrow”, and guess what they never ever had to hand out any free beer.

The only moment to dissolve the feelings and emotions that are holding us back is NOW. And isn’t it always NOW? Past and Future exist in our mind, our power lies in releasing our wants, feelings and emotions in the NOW.

This will help us to tap into the natural flow of life, swim or float downstream instead of exhausting ourselves in an attempt to swim against the current.

Welcoming and releasing all our emotions in the NOW is the one way that in my experience helps to solve this riddle.


~ by barb2082 on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Resisting and Wanting”

  1. This is great going Barbara, and yes it’s a riddle. So often I notice I get caught up in my stories. Guess it’s habitual, but there is also an strange attraction to holding on.

    I know I’m hurting myself yet I keep holding it close. Resistance? Perhaps I should do more attachments and aversions.. what is you opinion. You seem to be someone living this thing instead of only talking about it..

    Keep it up,

    Hope to hear you sometime,


  2. Jerry,

    Try to take is as it comes, welcome the so-called negative feelings as well as the positive. Positive and Negative are opposites of a coin I like to call judgment.

    We put labels on our experiences, good, bad, dangerous and so on. Try to see that they are only feelings, and feelings can be let go of.

    We are hurting ourselves with our belief that our emotions are real, and experiencing their floating nature they can’t be that.

    The only power they have is the power you give them. Resistance is only as strong as you belief it really is.

    Live and love in peace, and Jerry,Yes I’m living the method to the best of my ability. For me it is slow progress, what it’s like for you.. Experience it and keep moving 🙂

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