How not to resist resisting

Resistance is a rather insidious mind game that is at the root of all our suffering.  Lester got the insight that wanting to change anything was futile, it just doesn’t work. Change it or don’t but wanting get you nowhere. Wanting to change means we can’t accept the way things are. So we resist the situation.

Or our wanting to control causes us to put an enormous amount of should’s and shouldn’ts on out to do list. What happens to most people is that they resent the hell out of it. Don’t tell me what to do 🙂 The fact that we ourselves are the ones speaking doesn’t matter. And look at your thoughts, if you are just a little bit like me you tell yourself things you wouldn’t take from anyone.

Anyway we resist acting on our mental to-do list and everyday reality. This takes an huge amount of energy because if we just don’t act on the todo we resist NOT doing it. We fear the consequences.

I have to exercise… Nahhh. Resistance kicks in and we land behind the TV, resisting the fact that we didn’t do our exercises. This really is a horrible situation because we are pulled in both directions.

With the Sedona Method resistance can be resolved. Sometimes almost instantaneously, sometimes gradual. Again what works for me is welcoming the feeling, let it be and have the power dissolve. Then let it go.

Another good exercise is called Holistic releasing. Because you are pulled in opposite directions you can release on moving in one direction (doing the exercise) and immediately followed by the opposite (not doing it).

Resistance is such a major stumbling block, I will take some time tomorrow to come up with some clear-cut easy to follow suggestions… If I’m not in resistance that is 🙂

Love Barb


~ by barb2082 on August 13, 2008.

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