What are you Lusting After

This post from Hal is so incredible “on the mark”, most are but this one is special…. Lusting is so rampant at least in my life. The feeling of NEEDING something but somehow the feeling that you can’t have it. That it can drop away that you have to hold on….

Read and enjoy!!!

When you work on goals you’re actually doing a balancing act. What I mean by that is, if you let go completely, you may or may not continue working on the goal. What I recommend you do with all goals is keep letting go until you’re okay whether or not you get the goal – what Lester termed “hootlessness.”

You can still have the goal as an intention. But if you’re really lusting after something, that’s always associated with a sense of lack. There still could be some sense of lack with your intention, but it’s not as extreme.

Lester actually created the goals process because he knew human nature. The process is like a carrot on a stick to keep us motivated to work with some of our goals and intentions. People in the Self-help/New Age Community were denying and suppressing all their desires because they understood that the end state of the goals process is desirelessness. This is not how it works.

So Lester created a process where you could take your desires and use them to make yourself aware of all your attachments and aversions to a particular topic. Then, whether or not you achieved the goal, you gained a lot of freedom, and at the same time, hootlessness.

If you want to create anything or consciously create, hootlessness is the most powerful place from which to create — not super passion like a lot of people tell you. Passion is just lust. And lust is a feeling of “I want it, but I can’t have it;” “I want it but I shouldn’t have it;” “I want it but it’s not right to have.”

There’s always a hold back in lust. There’s a craving, but there’s a hold back which is why just being passionate about your goal isn’t enough. And that’s why, often, you can be really passionate about a goal and still not attain it.

What I recommend you do with all your goals, including weight loss, is release until you’re okay whether or not you get it. If you stay hootless about it, in my experience, one or two things will happen: you either get the goal or you simply let go of wanting it completely and move on to something else. The best way to do that is to keep releasing until you’re okay whether or not you get it.

Sometimes, when you’re hootless about something, no action is required and it just simply happens. In my experience though, getting into action is often required. If you’re simply going to release to avoid taking action, it’s not going to work.

If you’re going to keep releasing and be open to action if it’s required, and then take action towards the goal, you’re much more likely to get it. In addition, the actions themselves are useful for releasing. If you get into action, then all the other feelings you have about getting the goal or not getting the goal also arise.

For example: if you’re working on losing weight and you want to just release and not have to exercise or eat less, then you’re probably not going to lose any weight, because you’re not dealing with the problem. That’s magical thinking.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight and you’re releasing on the goal, you’ll also release on the action steps… so you’ll feel okay about exercise, you’ll feel okay about modifying your eating habits. It’s a combination of releasing and action.

Action also stirs up feelings. So, the actions themselves are incredibly useful because they bring up all your remaining attachments and aversions. In fact, sometimes you’ll take an action which has nothing to do with getting the goal. For instance, say you’re working on making more money… if you just sit in your apartment and release on it and take no action, you’re probably avoiding something.

However, when you combine it with action – say you go out and look for a job – in the process of looking for a job, you may decide that instead of working for a company, you want to start your own. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You could go looking for a job and pass a store and be motivated to go in and buy a lottery ticket, then win the lottery. It’s not necessarily a straight line.

I highly recommend avoiding magical thinking and I also recommend that you work on the goal, release until you’re okay whether or not you get it, and then follow through with action and release on the actions as well. Okay?



Please note: This is an excerpt from the upcoming Inner Circle 4 Audio Program.


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  1. Hi Barbara,

    I like the personal swing you give to Hale’s blog plus the personal issues you share. Your comments on the releasing forum also make me think.. well think??? 🙂 please go on

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