Goal Setting and the Sedona Method

This one is always great because it’s an apparent paradox in the Sedona Method. As we strive to become “Hootless” why set a goal. Is having a goal not contrary to the idea that either way something works out is fine?

In my experience that not the case, goals and aspirations are natural and are what the are. No point in fighting them. Accept and release, and if you still feel like moving in that direction. Go for it. As Lester said, take what you want from life but only take the best.

The great thing about setting goals and releasing on them is that they bring up so much material to work with.  All baggage the kept you from having it already will surface, released and let go off. For myself I notice a lot of wanting Approval that holds me back. And it wouldn’t be so clear without the goal setting process.

An other obstacle I encounter is wanting to be right 🙂 So working toward a goal becomes like a journey that allows me to clear a lot of clouds in my mind. The goal can change when you work it. First this sounded awe full to me but actually it’s all about getting into the natural flow.

When we stop swimming against the current we can see amazing landscapes, and then resistance kicks in and we exhaust ourselves again.

It’s late at night and allthough it makes sense to me the formulations might seem a little unclear. Tomorrow 🙂


~ by barb2082 on July 28, 2008.

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