Resistance – The glue that holds our suffering Together

Yesterday I wrote about the rain during my vacation in England. And actually it was not the rain in itself that made me unhappy. The thing that often seems to keep us stuck in unwanted emotions is the interpretation of the event or situation.

The rain itself is negative nor positive. In fact we can even feel it as a “positive as well as a negative emotion”.

Remember the songs.. :”Walking in the rain with the one I love on my mind” and even more cheerful, “I’m singing in the rain what a glorious feeling I’m laughing again”. These are not sad or angry songs about a stupid down-pour that ruins everything.

Some days in the UK rain I made myself and my friend unhappy because of the feeling that the sun should shine for us to have a good time off. The feeling that this was all wrong and needed to be fixed. In short a heavy defiant feeling that the situation is BAD…. In the method we refer to this feeling as resistance. Resistance to what is,

Lets face it, the rain itself can give rise to positive emotions and I’m sure you have had them as well, and negative emotions like this is awfull.

So what is the truth? And I have no idea, don’t try to figurre it out. There is no answer and figuring out even intensifies our so called problems, What was happening was that my expectation and belief that a vacation is good when the sun is shining was not met. And I fought it. Accepting the obvious fact that it was raining takes the sting out of the whole experience.

I’m not God and neither is my friend so wanting to change the situation rationally speaking is fairly shortsighted. And accepting the fact that it was raining didn’t stop the rain and cold but, it was just that. Rain and cold.

Singing in the rain made it even feel good…,and there is the second danger. It felt good so I want more. Poef…I can even resist that it’s not raining 🙂

Attachments and Aversions to what is. Releasing them is a lot of interesting or boring work. But freedom is getting closer. And for now my mind gets quieter because of it


~ by barb2082 on July 23, 2008.

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