Hootless – A desirable State or Complete Boredom


The word hootless, a common concept within the Sedona Releasing Community might be a little vague outside this group. What do we mean when we say that our strivings are to become “Hootless” about an issue.

Where any spiritual concept, idea or notion is concerned I can only speak from my understanding and experience. I will not discuss thing I only have from “hearsay” because of the potential addition to misunderstandings.

Attachment and Aversion

The way we live is usually a mixture of avoiding things we do not like and a constant battle to get the things we desire, we think are necessary or can’t do without. This battle between desire and aversion is what is causing all of our suffering. This is the area where unfulfilled desired originate, the place of disappointment, and scarcity.

The solution seems simple, don’t desire anything and welcome all aversion as wonderful healing occasions. One small problem is that there is no way on earth we can force our feelings to disappear. We can repress them, and like I’ve noticed in some spiritual circles deny all desires act as if they are all magically overcome and be misserable with a heap of “forbidden wants”.

Hootless is word that Lester Levenson used to describe the state where we exist without having to hold all these often conflicting wants, desires, likes and dislikes in mind. When we are hootless about something we are beyond the attraction or repulsion. The struggle is over and we are free to create anything we have a preference for.

The Secret

There is the immeadeate problem I have with theories or schools like the Secret, Science of Mind, Positive (or for all I care Negative) thinking. How can I honestly project a positive outcome if my inside is screaming in doubt. Is trying with all its might to fend of pain and get pleasure.

If you question this idea have a look at the lives of all the hippie guru’s pretending without desire and at the same time using more drugs in a day than most of us in a life time.

Putting on a happy face is hard work

Everyone who has ever tried positive thinking will agree on this one. Especially when we think a positive, happy approach to life is a prerequisite for future success or failure. I struggled with this one for many years.

To the degree I wanted things to have a positive shift by thinking with a winners mentality, the louder that ugly nasty all destroying constantly nagging worrying Barbara was making its entrance in my mind.

All New Age wisdom aside (this was before the secret) I figured out that this was a no win situation.

On becoming Hootless

It may almost be a bore by now but the way I learned to look at things when practicing the techniques of the Sedona Method, was that the only way to stop this in fact non-existent fight was to stop fighting. I could release or accept my feelings on both sides of the equation.  Both on the  have and the not have side.

That way I became much more at ease, the want to get the goal or the repulsion of it’s opposite dropped away. Completely released or have no disturbing mind clutter on either outcome made me work much more relaxed to my goals. I almost didn’t give a hood whether or not I got the goal. Almost… I’m not as advanced as Lester or Hale for that matter. But my imperfect work did make me a lot more effective and much happier than during the struggle and all my new age guilt.





~ by barb2082 on June 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Hootless – A desirable State or Complete Boredom”

  1. Thanks for explaining hootlesness, I found U thrue Google. By the way I´m newbie to the Sedona M. and it works for me, love the now. (live in Sweden)

    • Hi Stephan,

      I’m really glad to hear that. Sorry for the delay in answering, but I’ve been away for a while. Hope you are doing well and yes hootlesness, it
      s’ all about giving up our desires to have or not to have (keep it away). No attachments, no aversions.

  2. Just stumbled on this blog. I love it. I have been using the Sedona Method for about 2 months now. It’s absolutely AMAZING
    Thank you so much for the explanation of hootlessness

  3. I have had the addiction since 6 th grade to constantly journal daily activities on paper I then go over them days weeks months and sometimes years after they happen!!! It is causing me much anxiety as I grow older!!!I have tried SEDONA METHOD BUT IT ONLY HELPS A LITTLE!!! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?
    Vince Anello

  4. Sounds like this method is a lot like Mindfulness (I completed a 30-hour course and have been practising it for three months).

    I’ve had extensive experience with practising stubborn positive thinking and it certainly does work, but especially if you’re not naturally optimistic it’s very hard work. I’m sure the same results – with a calmer mind – can be achieved with this method or mindfulness.

    With stubborn positive thinking it’s more of a conscious choice what you want to attract, but being hootless or mindful accesses your intuition. I think the results may be longer lasting.

    • You’re absolutely right, there are a lot of similarities. Lester seems to have drawn heavily on all sorts of religions. And in fact there’s nothing wrong with that. The reason I’ve let this site be for a while is that it bothered me to find that the usefulness of the Sedona method is a ruthlessly commercialized and sold as a cure all. The Sedona method is a very useful and practical guide for living. It has a lot of connections with both mindfulness en Buddhism but it’s not a quick fix to live happily ever after.

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