The wonderful world of blogging??

I must admit that I’m a very old fashioned soul….. ssshhtt don’t tell anyone.. I have never been blogging, not do I have a personal site… please don’t tell anyone…

The mere fact that you are an individual without a  blog, website or an other online ego booster sets you apart from many of my contemporaries.. Especially at the place where I’m studing people keep asking about “my blog”. When I tell them that it sounds like a lot of work they ask me if I never kept a diary.

Yes I did, but no way am I going to write in public what I write in that old fashioned paper binder. Gosh, yes there are some friend with whom I can discuss my dealings with man.. But to let the whole world be apart of the deepest me?? Again perhaps old fashioned, and because of my backround as clinical psychologist I should know there is nothing in the dark corners of my mind that is more weird than other peoples weirdness.

I just don’t feel comfortable, in exposing myself… all woman are technically equipped with the same body parts… but that doesn’t mean that I would feel comfortable walking naked through LaSalle…

But then when I took some time and started reading some of these “Ego Documents” I found out that there usually is a very limited piece of intimate thoughts shared. It looks a bit like writing a letter home.. Shit.. here I go again.. Yes I like that. And I know most of my generation are beyond pen, paper and stamps. But getting a letter is different than getting a mail.

Probably I am a conservative specimen of my generation, that is supposed to walk around SMS’ing  and feel incomplete without their phone or laptop. Now I will share something real personal… listen.. sometimes I love the fact that I forgot the charge my phone.

All alone and nobody who can contact me. Yes there is an initial feeling of panic, but than serenity.  I wonder if all the so called information in the net really makes me wiser. Most articles look like as if there is a factory somewhere that is rearranging words to tell the same story a zillion times.

A well, I have a blog now.. Cutoff from my own culture and being forced to daily engage in suicidal bike rides through Amsterdam 🙂 I can be the beginning of my internet future of wisdom, knowledge and focus.. Huh.. focus and Internet? If there are incompatibilities, then Internet is the mother of all distraction and lack of focus. Mmm now I sound like an old grumpy woman, grin. This is the start of an adventure.



~ by barb2082 on June 7, 2008.

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