How I Love the Sedona Method – Letting Go and Letting Be

Back in time a couple of years, 2002 to be more precise I stumbled upon some audio material from a guy by the name of Lester Levingston. At the tape I was listening to he sounded a bit like a authoritarian hippy guru. But there was something about him. It was not what he said. Pfff, old stuff. Heard it a zillion of times. As a “professional seeker of purpose” you do come across things. But the story was mostly a story, and told by people who behind their masks were utterly unhappy. Not so with this guy. He was walking the talk.

Afterwards I have listened often to this tape, and still can’t “figure out” why and what was that made that I new, Hey this guy is for real. His words were well.  just alright nothing really special.  Still I knew he had something that I was starving for. Peace, Acceptance, Serenity.

I found out that Lester himself passed away and his work was continued by Hale Dwoskin. Checking it out further I was confronted  with a grey haired slightly ( I’m nice :-)) overweight man that had the  most irritating laugh I had ever heard.  Promising Wealth, Wisdom and Peace if I could answers a few questions. Yeah right babe…you can say a lot about this girl but she’s not stupid.. But again, don’t ask me how, I knew that he was genuine.

Being for real and truly believing and living what you preach is a fine virtue, but coming from my mindset I recognized for the second time that both he and Lester shared.

Both had something I wanted.

I bought the way overpriced (according to my knowledge and budget back then) audio program. And did what was suggested.

Boy talking about simplicity, the whole method consisted of one central idea. Acceptance of the way things are. Acceptance of your feelings, not just the nice ones, but also the political incorrect. Feeling what I felt welcoming the good, the bad and the ugly as equal partners. Letting them go by letting them be.

That was difficult at first, I wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff and at the same time keep all the possessions I thought I needed to hold on to. I found it hard at first to accept and welcome the feeling of fear as much as I welcomed being kissed by the boy I loved. The feeling of impending doom as much as an luxureous peaceful holiday in the Caribian.

Gosh.. then he talked about seeing the perfection in the imperfection that seems to be and I was about to kill him if he had been psychically present. Slowly it started dawning on me that in fact he told me that “good or bad” are just labels. And in his words

Feelings only lie They tell you that you are going to get from letting go of them what you already have from holding onto them. Hale Dwoskin

I’m a bright girl, and the idea that there was no real value in a feeling, was intellectually satisfying. It allowed me to carry on exploring.

The first real “gain” I had was the realization that in a way my situation and that of all my fellows is like the powerless alcoholic. We want to do better than we think we actually do so bad that it hurts. Its like the addict or alcoholic, or even the nicotine addict, we want to behave as we think we should. Stop doing what we are doing and not succeeding.

If my approach to changing my circumstances worked they would have vanished a long time ago. Yet they firmly stayed in place.

The Sedona Method and the techniques they teach made it possible to take much of the fight out of my life. The never ending battle with myself. And even from a logical perspective there was no way of ever succeeding if I used all my energy fighting.

Barbara Its Okay

Than feelings kick in… Letting go of the want to be secure, are you nuts? That will throw your life into ruins. Right… Feelings… all ways .. and more they fight for their lives. That was my first encounter with peace and acceptance. Barbara it’s okay. When I said that it felt unbelievable “okay” no other words can describe it.

I’m happy this is not homework for a copy writing class. And the fun part is I don’t have any intention of changing or selling anything. This is my first encounter with what I call the method and it is good.

Technique or lack there off

Tomorrow I will try to share a bit about the technique and the underlying mechanisms. But mind you I’m not a really good procedural girl. I never did meet with Hale, and I don’t know what his opinions about my releasing techniques are. One thing I don’t know, since I maxed out my credit card to buy his CDs my life has become so much easier. Taking away the fight is taking away resisting, and that is what costs most of our energy and happiness.

Being Happy by Not wanting to be Happy

The last thing for tonight… this is a paradox. From his CD voice I hear Hale say “are you wanting to figure it out” YES you moron I want to shout out… and then.. Can you let go of that want to figure it out. Realizing and knowing that WANTING if futile I can.

Life is good or bad, but with this method I found a way to relieve my inner blocks that were holding back so much. And I keep pealing more layers of the onion… there must be a core somewhere. Or isn’t there???

ARE you trying to figure it out 🙂

Love you all Barbara


~ by barb2082 on June 7, 2008.

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