Letting go and Quotes – Easy Daily Reminders

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I call them my letting go quotes, reminders of what I think is healthy for me and those around me. Thinking 🙂 it through…….. , figuring it out….well this is my train of thought:

Allowing our feelings to be, welcoming them without judgment and to set them free is a wonderful way to achieve a calm peaceful mind. Most people who have been using the Sedona Method for a while will agree to that.

Often though we seem to forget, whe get side tracked and forget the basics. Or resistance sets in, we resist the good the bad and the ugly. As Hale puts it ” to the degree we resist anything we resist everything” . No matter what the case might be we drift away from something we know is beneficial to us.

Yes, releasing when we are “in the gutter” but do we keep up when things start to move smoothly again.

Because I know how hard it can be at times. To be insured against my own resistance, procrastination and other warm company I gathered a great number of what you might call “letting go quotes”. When there is an interest in it I could mail one daily.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded and have something to ponder on…. And a gently reminder from a like minded is as welcome. When you like the idea, leave a reply… I’ll see what I can set up.


Again Attachments and Aversions

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The only thing that can really hold me back, the only real root cause of all my “misery” are my Attachments and Aversions to people, places and things. Having it my way, the constant need to change what is, impatience, the list goes on and the result of my attachment or aversion toward an outcome.

I can only feel resistance when I’m attached or repulsed by possible outcomes. The fact that I place more value on watching TV than doing my bills or cleaning out a drawer is an example of this process in motion. The resistance and/or guild it creates makes the TV show less enjoyable, my bookkeeping less effective… and the drawer.. well its better not to mention 🙂

Letting go on the two A’s is something you can practice in almost any situation because our lives often seem to revolve around it.  Another great method is to work on goals. This seems like a paradox, but when you dig deeper it really isn’t.  Hmmmm more on that later this week….

love Barb


Hitting Rock Bottom

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The wisest and most emphatic  remark about about the feeling of having used up all other options.  No place left to go and beyond human help.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”

Benjamin Franklin

A Reminder From Lester

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If we want to know the truth about who we are, all we have to do is let go of our attachment to thoughts and feelings . In silence, who or what we are makes itself known.

Lester Levenson

Sticks and Stones and Imperturbability

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Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me, the old nursery rime tells us. The thing is we never learned how to do this. Most of us are in one way or another so attached to the opinion others have of us, it greatly diminished our emotional as well as our material wellbeing. The place Lester called imperturbability, where nothing or nobody can disturb our peace therefore is the place the perfect place to be. Let’s make it our intention today to let everything that separates us from what we already are go… Just for today!

Are we Responsible for Anything Happening to Us?

•October 30, 2009 • 2 Comments

Responsibility, once again a word with such an emotional charge.  Are we responsible for anything that happens is our lives? Are we responsible for anything we see happening in the world, regardless if it has a direct impact on us or not?

I guess we are, it’s our mind reacting to it and we can’t react to anything that isn’t there. Without attachments or aversions in the state of acceptance or peace our world view is (just guessing :-)) completely different from what we have now.  One thing though, we often mistake responsibility with being to blame and these two are unrelated.  By now some of you might be angry, think I’ve really gone bunkers, perhaps even frightened. But in fact it’s good news!!!

Carl Jung once said: “when anything seems wrong in the world, it must be wrong in me. Therefore the wise approach is to start with working on the self”.

It seems completely counter intietive to start “releasing”, letting go or otherwise working on the self when for example creditors are knocking on your door. Many would call it escapism, and yes their is a thin line there. But when we allow ourselves a rational analysis of this statement, it’s pretty logic.

Why did we get in a mess, while others in the same or even worse situation come out victorious. Luck?? Perhaps sometimes, but I think most of us agree that the real material success stories have more to do with personality traits then with pure “luck”. Some problems we faced years ago are still with us, others now seem like a joke.

I like to believe I’m responsible for anything, good and bad. When I get emotionally upset it’s a clue to for something to work on. Strange, the world I live in can only exist when I allow it to have meaning 🙂

Feelings Only Lie

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Reading back the posts I made on this blog it’s fun to notice how I’m moving ahead.. Well moving anyway 🙂 As added advantage to a normal diary is that is not a complete “one way street”. With a blog you get feedback, and that’s great! Getting feedback helps you to get a much clearer picture about an issue or thought.  Over focusing on anything, is in fact the same as holding on to it. Allowing your head to keep repeating thought’s, feelings, insights or whatever means allowing it it’s favorite pastime “figuring it out”.

Wanting to figure things out is so deeply ingrained in me that it almost is like dying when I try to let go of that want. It feels like the one thing that stands between my relative comfortable middle class girls life and total and utter ruin!.  How irritating paradoxical can it get, it’s the figuring it out, being in control part that is behind most “disasters” I’ve ever had.

Well Feelings only Lie, they tell you that what you are going to get from letting them go is in fact what you allready got from holding on to them.  Cheers Hale 🙂

No Attachments – No Aversions

•July 8, 2009 • 1 Comment

Last night listening to one of Lester Levensons tapes about the fear of dying I tried to take a closer look at my own fear of death, and the struggle and drama we use leading up to that event. It seems to me that when we can let go of that fear the world changes into one great big opportunity. Releasing on the three or four wants is in fact releasing on this huge want, to survive as a body, to survive as a separate individual. The whole mental show we act out on is no more or less then a false belief we actually have a chance of pulling this off. Seen in that light methods No Attachments, No Aversions take on a new meaning because there is nothing to be attached to in the first place.

When you take an honest look at your day to day activities, thoughts, feelings actions or inaction’s you will, notice that just taking care of this body mind entity takes up about 95% of our energy. And for myself I need to say that this is a friendly count. I include all mental activity to earn a living, make sure nobody touches my lover, spending saving or lending money and so on in this category.

Ninety five percent, that looks like a lot of energy to spend, just to make sure this body survives. And this amount also makes you wonder if that’s not really an overkill when you consider that the race is lost anyway. I can fight struggle, worry and resist as much as I want but the end result will always be “a coffin”. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to paint a bleak depressed picture here. On the contrary actually, when I can see that 95% of my energy is spend on a lost case rerouting that amount of energy will have an enormous impact.

We are all going to die someday, depending on your age this can be within a minute or somewhere within the next 75 years. Survival as an individual is impossible, and the technicalities about my reproduction task are not difficult to comprehend either. To cut a long story short, In my day to day life I act and feel as if I have eternal life ( in the physical realm), but we haven’t. So why worry, what’s the significance of my special individual hurts, angers or hang ups. There is nothing to worry about, sure we need to act on threats, when our house is on fire we better get out and call 111 but why worry and plan ahead for something that can be planned to begin with?

Actually I find this idea on acceptance both troublesome and true. Hmmm really attached to it I guess